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The Foosball Informant

Foos Logo The Foos App was originally released in January of 2011 under the name Lincoln Foos. As interest quickly grew, it became quite evident covering leagues and tournaments in the narrow scope of Lincoln, NE would not suffice. In April of 2011, Lincoln Foos became known as simply Foos. The apps first expansion included covering tournaments and leagues throughout the state of Nebraska. Soon after, Foos began supporting foosball in multiple states across the U.S. Currently, the app supports 15 different states, with new states added on a regular basis. Not only does Foos provide information regarding tournaments, it also includes ITSF official rules and links to several useful foosball sites.


Foosball Screen Shots



  • Completely rebuilt from scratch
  • New Material Design UI Theme
  • New promo graphics and logos
  • Optimized UI to support more devices
  • Added to and updated 'Links For Foosers' section
  • Compiled from Android 7.1.1 Nougat


  • All new user interface
  • New icon
  • Now built on the new Tournament Management System
  • New tournaments added
  • Compiled from Android L (5.0) source


  • Added Android 4.2.x (Jelly Bean) compatibility.


  • Added button to launch Foosball Ref.
  • Made a couple minor fixes.
  • Added Arizona tournaments.
  • Added Minnesota tournaments.


  • New venues for California tournaments.
  • Added Oregon tournaments.
  • Added Virginia tournaments.


  • Updated some views.
  • Added new Upcoming Events.
  • Added California tournaments.


  • New icon.
  • New forms for submission of comments or suggestions.
  • Forms for submitting a new tournament or reporting an error.
  • New Upcoming Events section w/ national and international tournaments.
  • Upcoming Events include Bonzini, Fireball, and Tornado.
  • Added New York tournaments.
  • Added new links in Extras section.


  • Minor fix.


  • Home / back button now on title bar and in quick navigation list.
  • Added Tennessee tournaments.
  • Added new links in Extras section.


  • Now supporting ICS -- Android Version 4.0.x.
  • Backwards compatible with previous Android Versions as well.
  • Ui Total Makeover!
  • Added quick navigation to title bar.
  • Added Florida tournaments.
  • Added Oklahoma tournaments.



  • Changed "Tournament Section.


  • Cleaned up "Tournament" tab some.
  • Added .NetFoos Stats to some venues.
  • Added to "Foos Extras" tab.
  • Issue of Foosball Magazine from
  • 2012 Foosmania info and player rating.


  • Changed Tournament section.
  • Added Kansas, Montana, and Missouri tournaments.
  • Added links to each states foosball forum.


  • Cleaned up Tournament section.
  • Added Texas tournaments.


  • Completely changed the tournament section.
  • Cleaned up the UI.
  • Updated Monday and Thursday league schedules.