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The Background Guru

Background Guru Logo The Background Guru was released in December of 2011. The initial release contained 162 original and unique backgrounds optimized for your Android phone. More images are added every now and then, so be sure to keep an eye out for new backgrounds!

If you haven't tried out the Background Guru yet, make sure to check it out on Google Play.


Background Guru Screen Shots


1.3.9 (07-06-2012)

  • Added new backgrounds.
  • New Solid category.
  • New Splat category.
  • Changed up the UI.

1.3.7 (07-02-2012)

  • Added new backgrounds.
  • New Icon.

1.3.4 (06-13-2012)

  • Updated UI.
  • Added support for ICS -- Android Version 4.0.x.
  • Backwards compatible w/ previous Android versions.
  • Improved appearance on low density screens.
  • Increased ease of usability.

1.2.0 (06-01-2012)

  • Initial Release!